West Hub

JJ Thomson Ave






The best option is to use Car Park 8 (about 0.3 miles = 8 minutes walk from the West Hub).

Alternatively, use Madingley Park & Ride (about 15 minutes walk from the West Hub).

Both Car Park 8 and Madingley Park & Ride are free to use and open 24 hours.

(Don't be confused by the fact that Car Park 4 is labelled "Visitors Car Park". Despite it being only about a minute's walk from the West Hub, University Facilities Management advised us that "Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate your request for car park 4, however, your visitors can use the car park 8 which is located at the end of Charles Babbage Rd." Go figure!)

Floor Plan

Enter the building via the main entrance on the ground floor.

CAIS events are held on the first floor in East 1 (talk) and East 2 (socialisation).