For the 2023 CAIS Lecture series, we compiled a list of full professors (with AI-related research interests) from the AI-related departments of the following universities: Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Edinburgh, Imperial College London, MIT, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Toronto, UC Berkeley, and University College London. We then extended this list with notable-but-otherwise-missing AI/AI-safety/AGI experts and other AI royalty. The final list comprised some 380 world-class experts, including > 350 full professors. Of these, ~50 expressed an interest in delivering a CAIS Lecture at some point in the future, of which ~25 submitted potential dates for 2023, of which 10 were tentatively selected, and ultimately trimmed down to 4.

At the time of writing (17 August 2023), confirmations have been received as follows:

Not bad for our first year!